It’s always a popular opinion that women are the only gender concerned about looking good and being fashionable. That might have been the case some forty years ago but in our more enlightened times there is no reason why men can’t feel the pressure of having to look good over the winter month’s just as much as women do. However, help is at hand. This should give you a few ideas as to what you should be wearing and using over the months of November to March before you can start to think about getting the shorts out again.

Let’s start with the basics. You do not need to flood the wardrobe with items in some can of scattergun attack at being fashionable. Buying too many clothes is not only bad for your wallet it’s also bad for the environment because if you don’t like it when you’ve got it home it’s probably going in the bin. You need to think about how much space you have in the closet and what you can get rid of from it to make space. One of the most important tenets of autumn and winter clothing selection is “layering”. A lot of your clothes are going to be performing twice over as you start with a base layer of t-shirt then jumper or hoodie and then big coat scaling this down when you come in from the cold.

Looking at Jackets and Coats first there is very little you can do wrong with a nice Peacoat. This is a military influenced jacket with two pockets on the outside and plenty of options inside for wallet, key, phone and maybe a little something to keep out the nip (namely a hip flask). Bomber and Flight jackets are also still popular but you can also go for a technical jacket from a proper outdoor retailer but the style and look might be reduced.

In terms of jumpers you can’t do better than a decent set of Mens Aran Sweaters such as those from Shamrock Gift company. These lightweight stylish sweaters are perfect for indoors and outdoors when the weather isn’t too bad and you can avoid the cost. They’ve been keeping Irish fishman along the west coast of Ireland dry (the sheep’s wool is water resistant) and warm since the turn of the nineteenth century into the twentieth. Wool and Cotton make up the most common materials for clothing in the wintertime and you still see plenty of that in jumpers and hoodie tops, although the new standby of polyester is also available.

Trousers are covered by the usual Jeans and Chinos arrangement but don’t discount the warmth of the wool pants as well. Combine all this with a pair of stout casual boots with some white trainers (it’s fine even though it’s not summer) plus a couple of scarves and beanie hats and you’ll be well on the way to building a winter wardrobe to be proud of.

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