Crotchless underwear is really nice. Although when one gets it first, they may consider it as something strange but making love with it is a wonderful feeling. In fact this serves as an awesome eye candy for the hubby. This way he is capable of seeing and giving her stimulation in that area as well. This style of underwear is worn often for fun purposes especially for spicing up one’s love life as well as satisfying their sexual needs. Gone are the era of painful and boned sloppy and corsets and unflattering underwear. Following the trend of more sexy clothes such as short shorts and micro miniskirts, there is also a requirement for sexier lingerie and underwear. It is here where crotchless panties come in. Along with being ideal for outer apparels, underwear fashion too is making waves especially for bedroom escapades.

A brief into crotchless panty

A crotchless panty is underwear which comes with an opening surrounding the crotch area. Simply put it is underwear devoid of the crotch part which means there is no genital coverage. It is available in almost all fabric type of which silk and lace is most popular at Fashion Shop Plaza. This opens room for a truly comfortable fit and at the same time preventing chafing. Such panties are incredibly erotic and intriguing. There are a few females who also prefer covering up during sexual intercourse and it is a crotchless panty which lets one in doing this together with helping them to look sexy.

There is one for every body type

Crotchless underwear looks simply great and sensual on just any body type. It gives females a boost in their confidence and also the way they feel about themselves. Such underwear is flatter for almost every body type. Females of all sizes right from 4X to extra small can easily try these panties. One does not require in possessing certain look or body type like a model for looking beautiful in them. And with the variegated styles accessible, one can easily pick a style which will look truly fabulous on them.

Choices galore

Sexy lingerie range includes:


Women teddies


body shaper

Such underwear is made accessible in a plethora of designs and dimensions ranging from comfortable cotton to luxurious satin designs. These can be worn closed, open or toggle forwards and backwards. This is the reason why crotchless panties are popularly known as convertible pants as one can modify it for their taste. The icing on the cake is these are available for each personality and mood.

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