Every shift in the seasons asks for a change in your wardrobe as well. you need thick and cozy warm clothes for the winter seasons while the spring asks for all kind of mixed fabrics and woven accessories. However, it is the summer season that asks for the most specific kind of shopping because you want to do your best clothes and accessories to give a chic look every day. Shoes are as important as clothes, bags and other accessories and if you have the right shoes to host the summer, you are actually going to enjoy harder than you could possibly imagine.

So here we have gathered a brief list of the 5 must have shoes that will help you have a really good summer, no matter you are at farmer’s market or at a night hangout with your girls, these 5 shoes are bound to let you enjoy your best.

  1. Mules

The first and the most important shoes that you will need for the summer season are the mules. Although these shoes kept coming in and out of fashion but they never left the trend and comfort that they offer. So whatever be the height of the heel and size of the shoe that you like, you are definitely going to enjoy these comfortable shoes that are open from the back and are pretty easy to put on.

  1. Slides

Slides are another summer essential for all the girls who love to wear open shoes. There are open toes and open back shoes that are totally flat and they have got a style that gives the opinion of summer at the very first glance. The embellishments and other decorative materials on the top, make these slides, super adorable.

  1. Raffia shoes

To flaunt your looks as an amazing summer queen, you need to have the Raffia shoes in your wardrobe as well. these are the shoes that are made from the flexible fiber of the trees from African countries and the level of comfort it provides, is unparalleled. So make sure you have got one of these in your list as well.

  1. Espadrilles

There won’t be another shoe, other than the espadrilles that screams summer even from a mile’s distance. These are the Mediterranean inspired shoes that have a history falling back to over 10,000 years and still they are loved and bought by the women across the globe to welcome the heated days of the summer and even the warm starry nights as well.

  1. Heeled sandals

An open toe sandal with a strap on the ankle is the one that is a must on your list for the warm occasions. Donning the pair of high heeled sandals along with the floral dress and carrying a small beaded bag, you could become a heartthrob for any wedding and function on your way in the summer days.

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