Regardless of how old you are or how you like to dress, there are some basic fashion rules that every man should follow. Here are six style secrets all modern men need to know.

Your shoes should be the most expensive thing in your wardrobe

A beautiful pair of shoes will add extra style and class to your outfit, transforming a simple look into something much more fashionable and stylish; conversely, a pair of cheap, scuffed shoes will ruin your whole outfit!

Invest in a few timeless pieces

It is always worth spending a little more on pieces that you know you will wear regularly, such as your coat or your jeans. It can also be useful to treat yourself to a few well-made shirts, as they will look and fit much better than a cheaper shirt.

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Think about the silhouette

Even expensive clothes will look bad if you get the silhouette wrong. Make sure you buy clothes in your size that are cut well, and always make sure your jacket has a slight nip at the waist!

Consider going to a tailor for your suits

If you are willing to spend a few hundred pounds on a high-quality new suit, you should also be willing to spend a little more to make sure the suit is fully tailored to your body. This will make the suit look much smarter, meaning that you feel stylish and sharp every time you wear it.

Go for good fabrics

Cheap fabrics will quickly become wrinkled, bobbly and worn, so make an effort to invest in quality fabrics that will last a long time. One way to check the quality of a fabric is to see how it sits on the hanger; for example, the grain line should always be straight and the garment should drape in an appealing way.

Fix broken clothes

If you have invested in an expensive piece of clothing and it has become damaged, either fix it yourself or take it to a seamstress. A professional will be able to make the item look like it is brand new again. This is much cheaper than replacing the item completely – and much more sustainable!

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