We can all let our wardrobes get a bit out of control. When you feel that you are struggling to find what you want to wear in the morning despite having loads of clothes to wade through, it is probably a good time to have a wardrobe clear out and get yourself a capsule wardrobe that will make dressing with style quicker and easier.

Here are a few things that every man should have when creating a capsule wardrobe…

A White Shirt – A long sleeved white shirt is one of those classic items – it never goes out of style and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Get a good quality white shirt that will last you a long time – check out the range of mens designer shirts at EJ Menswear.

A Comfortable Pair of Jeans – A good pair of jeans are a wardrobe essential. When it comes to a good pair that will last you a long time avoid anything faddy. Stick to denim in classic colours and a good quality brand and your jeans will stand the test of time.

A Good Suit – Every man should own a suit, and when you are creating a capsule wardrobe, this is a must. Go for blue or grey if it is your only suit as it is also easy then to use the jacket as a blazer for a more smart casual looked when paired with jeans.

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