Alright guys listen up. Gone are the days you can roll out of bed, throw on some deodorant, and walk out of the door. Men all over are raising the stakes for looking great. Heck, some guys take just as long, or longer, than their partners do. That’s ok with us. It doesn’t take a ton of products or even a lot of time to look well put together. These simple tips will have you looking Instagram ready all in no time.

Facial Hair First

When you wake up your face might just look like a bit like Sasquatch but give it five minutes and you will transform into a hip dude. Start off with shaving. If you have time prepare your skin with a warm washcloth to open up your pores, then using shaving cream edge up uneven areas or go for a full clean-faced shave. Afterward, splash with cold water to close the pores and prevent redness and ingrown hairs. For those of you with a beard consider using beard balm or oil to give it that final touch.

Awesome Hair Because You Care

Taking the time to perfect your hair makes a major difference in your overall appearance. First impressions are everything, so if you have the rolled-out-of-bed look it gives off a vibe that you could care less. The simplest thing to do for most hair types and cuts is to use the best styling cream for men. Simply use a little pinch, warm it in both hands, and then style your hair to perfection. Easy as pie and it only takes a couple of minutes out of your day.

Pay Attention to the Details

You look great already, but small touches can really make the difference in an overall groomed look. Let’s start with the obvious- you don’t want to stink. Never skip the deodorant or cologne. Your signature scent lingers after you walk away so make sure it is a good smell and not overwhelming. Next, clean and trim nails. Bonus points in you use lotion on your hands. This is especially important for people that have to shake hand frequently because that means people see and feel your hands quite a bit. Raggedy nails and rough hands won’t impress anyone. A firm handshake combined with clean nails go a long way.

A groomed appearance shows that you care about yourself. People might assume since you take the time to look nice daily then you will also take your time in work and life. This can only be an asset. Simply be sure that you are doing the basics in your daily morning routine. First, trim or shave your facial hair. Second, style that hair bro. Finally, add deodorant and cologne to smell like a boss. For those that go the extra mile, trim your nails and use lotion to keep hands soft. These easy grooming tips will have you looking great and feeling confident every single day.

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